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CTLV offers a unique range of alternative tours in TLV, revealing parts of the city that are usually left unseen, even if you've been passing through them every day. Most of us live in cities - do we really understand them?

Most tours range from 1.5 to 2 hours. Based on your personal interest (or just trust us on this one) we can recommend combined routes. We take it slow and easy - our tours are walking ones and welcome all ages. The only requirement is your curiosity. 


who are we

A group of curious creatives from all over the country who have made Tel Aviv their home. We are urban explorers, entrepreneurs, social activists, designers, artists and journalists and we're all really nice, too. 


What we do

Unfolding Tel-Aviv's cultural diversity, we will walk you in and out of neighborhoods forming personal perspectives, based on what we see, hear, smell and experience versus what we think we already know. Some things might be familiar to anyone living in a city, others will be completely new and unique to Tel-Aviv. 

Come with us to see how the city works, who lives where and why, understand and decode the complex relations between architecture, design, public space and people. Discover local oddities such as the mammoth beast of the south - Tel-Aviv's central bus station (the second largest in the world!), learn about gay life in the 1930’s, uncover the freemasons' mysterious traces in the heart of the city or get to know the local street art scene. You can join one of over 20 routes or contact us for a tailor made urban tour.



April 2, 2017 Natalie Twersky, New Central Bus Station report - ILTV (video)

Jan 31, 2014  Debra Kamin on the Central bus station - Times of Israel

Oct 31, 2013 Daniel Estrin joins us on a Tel Aviv New Central Bus Station tour - Public Radio International (PRI) (audio)

Sep 24, 2013 Simone Wilson on my central bus station tour