About us

Shani Werner
Founder of Talking Art
Art has always been a central part of my life.
I’ve been touching it in various ways and in the
past ten years I mostly deal with theory and
I am a writer and critic of contemporary art,
mainly in Israel, a guide and lecturer at the Tel
Aviv Museum of Art and former manager at the
Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art.
Someone once said that I live and breathe art, I
guess that’s true. There is nothing more
satisfying than doing what you love every day,
and luckily this is the case with me.

Photo by: Shani Shalgi

Yonatan H. Mishal
Founder of CTLV
Born in Chicago, U.S.A. I grew up in Israel, now
living and working in Tel Aviv. I am an urbanist,
writer, artist and cultural entrepreneur. I teach
art and photography, write for various
publications and magazines, and work on
developing programs that connect art,
education and urbanism.