CTLV and Talking Art bring you

Pride month special edition walking tours in TLV

We are city lovers. Come put your finger on the heartbeat of Tel Aviv, Israel's culture capital.

A special collaboration between “CTLV”, “Talking Art” - for the Gay Pride month in Tel Aviv. We bring you a tailor made series of Urban and Art tours, revealing the elements that make this city what it is.
Join us for a chance to experienc
e the city’s everyday life through its culture, art, architecture and people.

Tours are led by Yonatan H. Mishal, Shani Werner and a team of experienced guides in their fields.


Our tours:

* Tel Aviv Intro: Get to know Tel Aviv trough a walking tour of its most renowned boulevard
* Tel Aviv’s GLBT landmarks

* Rooftop tour, the city from above
* Cross-Cultural Jaffa Tour
* Gallery hops - let's talk art
* Studio Visits Tour
* Meet the monster - Art and culture in the New Central Bus Station of Tel Aviv
* Graffiti and street art in south Tel Aviv

Walking tours go out four times a day, morning, noon and afternoon, for two hours each. Price: 25 $ per person
Scroll down to read more about us and our tours:

Tel Aviv Intro


Get to know Tel Aviv trough a walking tour of its most renowned boulevard. The monuments sculptures and special 'Bauhaus' architecture which are placed between 'Habima' (Israel’s National Theater) and Hertzel, along Rothschild Blvd. Will unfold the history of the city, from vision to reality and to what is today the cultural center of Tel Aviv.

Guide: Yonatan H. Mishal , CTLV






Come discover the history of the most proud city in Israel. Starting with the gay community life of the 1930's, through the first gay parade, the transgender winning of the Eurovision and the place where gay parties started. Put on your pink glasses and discover the white city!

Meeting Point: Ravin Square, Tel Aviv, south corner of bio-pool.

Guide: Yonatan H. Mishal, CTLV







Photo by: Yonatan H. Mishal

Our Roof Top Tour will take you to the top of buildings you would normally just pass by. Parking lots, apartment buildings, office towers and caffe's offer view on the city from the top. Get a chance to learn about the city and get the big picture of how it functions.

Come join us to leap from roof to roof (safely)!

Guide: Yonatan H. Mishal, CTLV







Photo by: Yonatan H. Mishal

Join us on a fascinating cross-cultural Jaffa tour renowned for its splendour and glamour. This tour leads you through the old alleys of Jaffa exploring the rich cultural heritage of Jaffa.
As you walk through the windy alleys of the old city you will discover the layers of 5000 years of history and cultures. Once you touch the depths of the richness of this ancient port city, you will experience its sudden diminishing glory.

Guide: Ilyll Sne-Or, CTLV






Gallery Hop TLV

Our classic tour, varies as we want to visit the best shows in town.
In this tour we will be hopping between 3-4 galleries around one of the art centers in TLV (north, south or center TLV). We will see various exhibitions by both Israeli and international artists working in various media of contemporary art. We will
get aquatinted with the gallery’s scene in TLV and meet the artists, curators and gallery owners.

Guide: Shani Werner, Talking Art





You won’t believe what’s going on at the TLV Central bus station. Amongst the various shops, marginal hangouts and underground activity, this amazing and strange place became a hub for contemporary art. Artist’s studios, art theater, performance school and even institutionalized street art are all to find in this special place.

This is not the ordinary art tour. It combines architecture, sociology, urban life and of course amazing contemporary Israeli art.

Guide: Shani Werner, Talking Art








Photo by: Dede

This tour will give you an insider look at the street art scene and give an in- depth look at the most important artists and pieces of work in south Tel Aviv. We will explore the connection between street art and its relationship with south Tel Aviv neighborhoods and how it is affected by social issues that are relevant in Israel.

We will explore the changes in street art and the development of style of some the street artists.

Guide: street artist Signor Gi, Talking Art / Yonatan H. Mishal, CTLV



Where does the artist work? Which tools they use? What inspires them? And which atmosphere surrounds them? Each studio is different.

This special and intimate tour takes us to the artists second home their studio. We will see the artist’s working space, get acquainted with he or she’s working process and see the art in its raw stages.

Guide: Shani Werner, Talking Art