Urban Tours of Tel Aviv Yafo סיורים אורבניים בתל אביב יפו

Behind the busy Salame road, on the uncharted part of Florentine neighbourhood, many of the cities street art and graffiti artists work every night. Every artist, with their unique names and style. Some known and some anonymous - who are they? What are they trying to do?

We will talk about the urban meanings of this art and its characteristics. 

Meeting point: Florentine neighbourhood garden,
Hanagarim St. 23, Tel Aviv. MAP:

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Come with us as we go into the belly of the New Central bus Station of Tel Aviv.
Two and half hours of mysterious oddities, located in one of the most notorious buildings in Israel.
Join us to find out why it's one of the craziest places in the country. Architecture, breakdancing, Yiddish and Tagalog, And what's with all the graffiti on the 7th floor? and WHAT?! there's a bat cave?!!! Curious?

Meeting point: Levinsky 118, Tel Aviv, gate #42-43.


Clicks on the links to hear more about our tour:

April 28, 2017 Lukas Unholz and Judith Wipfler, Der Weisse Elefant – Ein Lebensbild vom Busbahnhof Tel Aviv - Swiss Radio and Television (Audio)

April 14, 2016 Sabine Brandes, ‘Schönes Monstrum’ - Jüdische Allgemeine

Aug 23, 2015 Florian Elsemüller, on the New Central Bus Station - deutschlandfunk

Dec 14, 2014 Naomi Zeveloff, "I spent 18 hours in the Cnetral Bus Station" - The Forward

May 23, 2014 Judith Wipfler on the Central bus station, following the tour (German)

Jan 31, 2014  Debra Kamin on the Central bus station - Times of Israel

Oct 31, 2013 Daniel Estrin on central bus station tour (audio)

Sep 24, 2013 Simone Wilson on central bus station tour

Jun 26, 2013 Yonatan Gat on Central Bus Station scavenger hunt - YNET



Take a tour in the most culturally diverse area in Israel, located between two central bus stations - the old and the new.

Walking through the main streets and public garden, we will talk about the differences between refugees, migrant workers and asylum seekers, and discuss the implications of a changing neighborhood. We'll tell you all about the area's history and let you in on our local secrets.

Meeting point: Newe Shaanan 1, Tel Aviv.


Recommended reading:



Inventory Count art walks, working since 2009, are art tours held in a format of raising questions regarding the works exhibited, interpreting art through a joint discussion of the group, We focus on the social aspects regarding Israeli art, examining the ways in which it portrays, Israeli political, social or cultural life.

The tours are designed for both knowledgeable and non-knowledgeable art lovers. 

Meeting Point: Our art tours vary in location based on current exhibitions. Most of our tours focus in SoSa - South of Salame St. MAP:

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Tel Aviv


This tour looks how planning for pedestrians can be implemented and how pedestrians affect the city and are affected by it. This tour also examines the polarization processes which Tel Aviv is going through and the importance and durability of the street network.


From the beachfront to the business district planned in the Manshiya neighborhood, Mugrabi Square, Allenby Street, Magen David Square, the first kiosk and the first cinema to the gentrification and renewal of today. While walking we will also discuss traffic, density and the use of city spaces.


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Gan Meir


This tour goes through King George Street at the heart of the old and new Tel Aviv through Patrick Geddes 1925 plan. The tour examines the implementation of the plan and its impact on the urban space in Tel Aviv. Furthermore, this tour touches on subjects such as street retail, mix of uses and density as keys for street vitality.


Rabin Square

Urban planning and crime tour

What is the connection between urban planning and crime? A walk from Rabin Square to Hamedina Square is a lesson in urban planning and its impact on society – the way people move and act in the city, its memories and the various services it offers to those who walk in it.

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